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Our podcast, “Not So Different,” provides insights from and discussions with stakeholders from across the biosimilars landscape.
This week on the podcast, we’re pleased to welcome our guest, Leigh Purvis, MPA. Purvis is the director of health services research at AARP’s public policy institute. Her work focuses on a variety of prescription drug and mental health-related issue, with an emphasis on prescription drug pricing, biologic drugs, and prescription drug coverage under Medicare. 
Last time on the podcast, we spoke with a practicing rheumatologist about his experience with biosimilars so far, but one of the most exciting prospects on the biosimilars horizon is the market entry of 2 approved anticancer biosimilars: trastuzumab and bevacizumab. This week, we’re delving into the world of supportive care and anticancer biosimilars with an oncology expert, Robert M. Rifkin, MD, FACP.
Today, we’re talking about state-level legislation concerning the substitution of interchangeable biosimilars, and how 1 specific piece of biosimilars-focused legislation led Marcus Snow, MD, to found the Nebraska Rheumatology Society.
“If legislators want to be able to tell their constituents that they acted on drug prices this year, this is the vehicle to do it. There is nothing else with this kind of support and with this kind of impact sitting before legislators right now,” said Christine Simmon, JD, executive director of the Biosimilars Council, about the bipartisan CREATES Act.
“We need all stakeholders to be all in on biosimilars…now’s the time for people to get engaged and get out there to support uptake and access,” says our guest, Juliana Reed, president of Biosimilars Forum.
Our guest on this episode of "Not So Different" is Jim Van Lieshout, MBA, who joined us by phone from Colorado to discuss the many considerations that biosimilar developers must take into account when they determine how to price their products to compete in the marketplace.
In this episode of Not So Different, you’ll hear providers and patient advocates on the issue of nonmedical switching among brand-name biologics and biosimilars in rheumatology and oncology indications.
In this innaugural episode of "Not So Different," you’ll hear expert viewpoints on the issue of interchangeability from stakeholders across the biosimilars landscape.


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