Biosimilars have improved access to health care in India, but many effective new drugs are high priced and patented, and authors of a new study recommend interventions to make these available, too.
Although the pandemic continues to affect health care companies worldwide, biosimilar manufacturers continue to move forward with new product developments and business plans.
Vizient predicts that drug price inflation, partly due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), will be 3.29% in 2021 and is banking on biosimilars to help contain the rising cost of medication, it said in a comprehensive review for its member health companies.

Biologics are not cheap, and if you can get biosimilars into the hands of patients, you’ve got something going. A strategist describes the step-by-step process that made this possible at Kaiser Permanente.
The Center for Biosimilars® (CfB) spoke with Adrian van den Hoven, director general of Medicines for Europe, and Diogo Piedade, market access manager for Medicines for Europe, about their scorecard report for biosimilar access in European markets.
President Trump signed 4 executive orders that would lower prices of prescriptions medications including insulin products and cancer medicines.
For Biocon, overall revenues were up during the fiscal quarter that just ended, driven by strong revenues in its biosimilars and generics operations.
In a deal with Voluntis, Biocon Biologics aims to extend the appeal of its insulin products by offering a digital titration device for self-management of insulin dosage.
With insulin originator product patents expiring, drug companies are seeking to extend exclusivities via patents on injectors and other delivery products.
Now is the time for the FDA to lead again in revising the biosimilar development guidance by eliminating all animal toxicology studies, and replacing them with larger-species pharmacokinetic (PK) studies, allowing the conduct of human PK studies using novel clinical protocols to combine the PK/pharmacodynamic/immunogenicity testing in a single study, and, where possible, avoid these studies if an in-silico approach can provide the confidence of pharmacologic similarity.

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