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IQVIA Highlights Opportunity to Cash In on Biosimilars for Biologics Losing Market Exclusivity

November 29th 2023

A report from IQVIA noted that Europe could miss out on €15 billion in cost savings by not having biosimilars for medications about to lose market exclusivity, shedding light on the implications for overall health care savings and ultimately, patient access.

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Eye on Pharma: Adalimumab Updates; New Eylea Biosimilar Lawsuit; Canada Gains Stelara Biosimilar

November 22nd 2023

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Biosimilars Business Roundup: October 2023

November 1st 2023

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Eye on Pharma: New GI Data and Byooviz Interchangeability Propel Biosimilars Into the Future

October 25th 2023

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Report: Conflicting Guidelines, Rebate Walls Are Major Factors Determining Biosimilar Uptake

October 24th 2023

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"SEEING EYE TO EYE:  Exploring Different Perspectives on Ophthalmology Biosimilars SEEING EYE TO EYE:  Exploring Different Perspectives on Ophthalmology Biosimilars" with the CfB logo and an image of an eye
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