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Biosimilars Council: PBM Rebate Schemes Cost Americans, Payers $6 Billion

April 10th 2024

A report from the Biosimilars Council evaluating IQVIA data found that rebate schemes orchestrated by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are costing US patients and payers billions of dollars by suppressing biosimilar adoption.

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Biosimilar Business Recap: BI Layoffs; Teva, mAbxience Partnership; Phase 3 Keytruda Biosimilar Trial

April 8th 2024

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Meta-Analysis Confirms Similar Safety, Efficacy Between Adalimumab Biosimilars, Humira

April 6th 2024

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The Totality of Evidence Supporting Adalimumab Biosimilar AVT02

March 30th 2024

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Study: More Biosimilar Competition Is Not Lowering Patient OOP Costs

March 29th 2024

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