Peer Exchange

Our Peer Exchange™ program provides a multi-stakeholder perspective on important issues that providers, pharmacists, payers, and patients grapple with as they step into the world of biosimilars.
Experts share their closing thoughts on the use of biosimilars in oncology.
Nuanced discussion regarding the potential challenges and benefits of competition in the biosimilar marketplace.
Practical insight regarding the value of biosimilars and how long-term benefit compares with short-term costs.
Switching to an economic perspective, the panel considers the overarching value of biosimilars.
Shared insight on how care providers and managed care professionals can collaborate to incorporate biosimilar treatment options.
The panel identifies specific methods regarding the incorporation of biosimilars as treatment options in oncology.
Expert perspective on how to select a specific biosimilar when several might be available for the same reference biologic.
A brief review of how biosimilars might exist alongside novel or newly approved biologics.
Considerations for biosimilars from the standpoint of market access and how potential challenges are addressed.
The panel sheds light on how a biosimilar’s role in a formulary is determined.

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Health economics experts. Managed care professionals. Key clinical specialists. This is where the worlds of clinical, regulatory, and economical outcomes for specialized pharmaceutical biotechnology meet: The Center for Biosimilars® is your online resource for emerging technologies, with a focus on improving critical thinking in the field to impact patient outcomes. We’ll discuss the current landscape for advanced health care management—reviewing emerging treatment paradigms, approaches, and considerations—all by authoritative industry voices.

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