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Review Finds 7 Themes That Can Help Define the Value of Biosimilars

June 10th 2024

Authors of an integrated literature review identified 7 themes that help stakeholders define the value of biosimilar portfolios beyond cost savings, which could provide stakeholders better clarity as to the value of a biosimilar portfolio vs a single biosimilar within a portfolio.

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Biosimilars Check-In: Application Acceptances, European Approvals, New Partnerships

June 6th 2024

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Eye on Pharma: Simlandi US Launch; Ranibizumab Partnership; Expanded Access for Adalimumab Biosimilars

May 27th 2024

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Biosimilars Account for 23% Market Share, With Wide Uptake Disparities Across Molecules

May 22nd 2024

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Partnering for Biosimilar Security: India's Role in US Health Care Savings, Supply Chain Stability

May 9th 2024

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