Carol Lynch: Addressing Misinformation About Biosimilars

Carol Lynch, president of Sandoz US and head of North America, discusses which stakeholders have a role in addressing misinformation about biosimilars. 
February 18, 2019


Who is responsible for addressing misinformation campaigns about biosimilars, and what can be done to stop them?

I think we all need to take on the task of tackling misinformation that’s out there, because I think, at best, it can lead to confusion for all stakeholders, and at worst, it can actually cause doubt about the safety and efficacy of biosimilars.

So, I think that from an FDA perspective they can definitely set out and help us with that. I think it’s on manufacturers to step up, but also the other players in the industry as well, so for example the medical societies, industry associations like [Association for Accessible Medicines] and Medicines for Europe, all play an important role in making sure that fair and balanced information is available to all stakeholders.


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