Dr Marcus H. Snow: The US Launch of Renflexis

Marcus H. Snow, MD, Assistant Professor Rheumatology, University of Nebraska, discusses the recent launch of a new biosimilar infliximab, Renflexis, in the United States. 
Marcus H. Snow, MD
August 22, 2017


What are your thoughts on the recent launch of Renflexis in the United States?

I think that it will be very interesting to see what happens now that we have 3 versions of infliximab on the market. Will this drive the cost down? I think that it remains to be seen. I think, as you look at what has happened since the first biosimilar for infliximab has hit the market, you have seen insurance companies—United, for example, actually signed a contract with Remicade to stay with the bio-originator. I think you are going to see some of this, but I think it will be interesting to see the uptake and how this happens, and I think we will start to see the outcomes of this moving forward.


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