Peter Jørgensen: The Danish Experience With Biosimilar Adalimumab

Peter Jørgensen, director of the Industrial Association for Generic and Biosimilar Medicines, Denmark, explains the Danish experience with biosimilar adalimumab.
May 15, 2019


I think it's fair to say that it has been very positive. You know, it was introduced not that long ago, less than half a year ago, and the uptake in less than a month was 90%. Not 19%, but 90%.

In effect, Humira, which was by far the biggest pharmaceutical on the Danish market, has been wiped out completely from Danish hospital shelves. You just can’t have Humira anywhere in Denmark anymore. Even though they offered a rebate on 78%, that was not enough to keep them on the market for 2019.

In accordance, the Danish tender system has gone to 2 products where they have offered a rebate of 86%. So on the one hand, you have uptake of 90%, and you have a rebate on 86%. Imagine what that would do not just for the public health, the health economy of the Danish healthcare sector, but also for the patients, because at the same time, since the product has become cheaper, more patients have gotten access to the product.


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