Seth Ginsberg: Patient Assistance Programs and Biologic Drugs

Seth Ginsberg, co-founder and president of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, addresses the importance of patient assistance programs. 
January 23, 2018


How important are patient assistance programs offered by reference drug makers to the patient experience with biologic drugs?

Patient assistance and patient support programs offered by drug makers are critical for patients.

These programs are often a combination of financial support for out-of-pocket or co-pay costs, as well as ongoing help from a trained medical professional such as a nurse, with many offering 24-hour access to a nurse hotline for when a question or concern may keep a patient awake at night or some reassurance is being sought. Of course, these are not intended to take the place of a patient’s own healthcare professional team, but having qualified, trained medical professionals available on-call is a feature that we encourage all patients to take advantage of and to participate in, where appropriate. 


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