Benjamin Click, MD: Biosimilars in IBD

Benjamin Click, MD, staff gastroenterologist, the Cleveland Clinic, discusses how biosimilars fit in the treatment paradigm for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


Yes, so I think biosimilars have the opportunity to potentially change the biologic landscape. Biosimilars are just starting to come into routine clinical practice in the United States. They’ve been used for several more years in European and non-American countries, so a lot of the more long-term experience coming from the European colleagues is very encouraging.

We are starting to routinely use biosimilars, mostly for infliximab at this point in time, though we do hope to see a biosimilar for adalimumab hit the market in the next several years. So I think there’s a lot of potential cost savings opportunity when we think about healthcare costs in the United States and how we can potentially impact those as well.