Benjamin Click, MD: Body Weight and Treatment Outcomes in IBD

Benjamin Click, MD, staff gastroenterologist, the Cleveland Clinic, discusses the role of body weight in treatment outcomes for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


I think it's a great question and potentially one that has room for exploration. What we do know is that certain biologic medications are weight-based dosing, like infliximab has a weight-based infusion dosing, whereas medications that are the subcutaneous injections often have a preformed or predosed administration.

And so with adalimumab, one thing that we do know that impacts the pharmacokinetics of the medication is body mass, and so we do think that there may be some potential loss of efficacy in patients who have a higher [body mass index, BMI]. So it's one of the considerations when we go about choosing a treatment strategy, but also monitoring that treatment strategy moving forward is BMI and how does it impact the potential disease state.