Brian Lehman, MBA, MHA, RPh: Progress for Biosimilars in 2019

Brian Lehman, MBA, MHA, RPh, director, Medical Account Management and Strategic Alliances, Sandoz, discusses positive developments for biosimilars over the past year.


Absolutely. So within the biosimilar marketplace, it's projected to be $54 billion in savings over 10 years, and what we've seen, for example, is biosimilars have had some of those savings. Zarxio, filgrastim, was one of those products that in less than 2 years actually has saved over $500 million for patients. The FDA has been active in approving biosimilars. So in 2019 already, 7 products have been approved for now a total of 23 products.* And what also we've seen in 2019 is the FDA is even getting more involved with patient education, and in even moreso with provider education.

*As of the date of filming.