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Carol Lynch: Future of the US Biosimilar Market


Carol Lynch, president of Sandoz US and head of North America, discusses the promise of the US biosimilars market.


Do you think there is potential to increase biosimilar uptake in the United States?

I think that the promise of biosimilars is still there for the US market. I think the savings potential is enormous and the ability to expand access for patients to biologic medicines is tremendous. There are estimates out there that for every day, for example, a biosimilar etanercept is not available on [the] market that it’s actually costing millions of doctors.

We actually got approval for Erelzi in August of 2016 and yet we’re still not allowed to market this product because we’re in litigation and we can’t bring it to market until that court case has been resolved. At this rate, it looks like it will be around $3 billion of savings that have been missed, and for patients in the system and for the healthcare system as a whole, I think that’s something that we all need to take on.

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