Cate Lockhart, PharmD, PhD: Upcoming Research From the BBCIC

Cate Lockhart, PharmD, PhD, discusses the research reports the Biologics and Biosimilars Collective Intelligence Consortium (BBCIC) plans on releasing in 2020.


We have a couple of really exciting projects that we're just gearing up to get going now.

One is another one of these infrastructure projects where we're looking at the data feasibility and the capabilities within our distributed research network administrator claims. It's often difficult to find, to identify, clinical outcomes. And cancer has a very specific set of outcomes that we're interested in. And so we're looking at how can we expand our existing data network, while still keeping the multistakeholder environment intact, to give us the capability to do the same kind of research that we're doing in nononcology products and translate that over into oncology.

So that's an infrastructure project that we're that we're working on now. And we are just launching our first full-scale comparative effectiveness study in the G-CSF [granulocyte colony-stimulating factor] products because we have enough utilization in in the US to allow us to do that. That'll take 18 months or so before we're really finished with that by the time we launch, but that's going to be a really interesting project and, and I think that's going to help define some of our future projects.

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