C. Daniel Mullins, PhD: Biosimilar Education and Current Curricula

C. Daniel Mullins, PhD, chair of pharmaceutical health services research at the School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland, describes the state of pharmacy school curricula related to biosimilars.


Biologics and biosimilars are evolving so quickly it's hard for anybody to keep up. From an educational standpoint, every school of pharmacy is trying to change its curriculum as quickly as possible, but if you received a lecture last year and something changes this year, we don’t always get that new information into that third-year or fourth-year class. So I think, as the new pipeline comes through, they’re getting trained in the latest and greatest, but we need continuing education of people who either have already graduated or are further along in their training to make sure that it's not just the next generation, but it's the current generation of pharmacists that are equipped to handle biologics and biosimilars.