Dr Paul P. Doghramji: Using Biosimilars in Practice

Paul P. Doghramji, MD, FAAFP discusses using biosimilars in practice.


Do you have any concerns about using biosimilars in patients with IBD?

As far as biosimilars are concerned, or for that matter any kind of generic medication, there’s always a concern in clinicians. There are certain guidelines that the biosimilars have to follow, but still there can be a difference between them and the brand-name product. What we do in primary care is try a biosimilar, and if it seems like it’s getting us the same effect that we want, we’ll stick with it. But [for] those that don’t work so well, those that let’s say they fall short, whether it’s with side effects or efficacy, we keep those in our minds, and we tend not to go to them, and we do the brand name products.

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