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Dr Sang-Jin Pak Talks Biosimilar Market Stability


This week on the podcast, we’re speaking with Sang-Jin Pak, MD, the executive vice president of Samsung Bioepis’ Commercial Division.

In April 2020, Samsung Bioepis, in partnership with Merck, launched their trastuzumab biosimilar, Ontruzant, which has been on the market in Europe since 2018. This earlier release of biosimilars in Europe is common, as Europe has had a much easier time with biosimilar uptake than the United States, thanks to their decade-long head start in the industry. However, being ahead doesn’t necessarily mean everything runs smoothly. We sat down with Dr Sang-Jin Pak, the executive vice president of Samsung Bioepis’ Commercial Division, to discuss if the European way is the best way.

To learn more about Samsung Bioepis, visit samsungbioepis.com.

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