Industry Group Representative Discusses Biosimilars in Michigan


Bret Jackson, president of the Economic Alliance for Michigan, notes that Ford Motor is a biosimilar success story, having saved a significant amount of money on just a handful of drugs.

The Economic Alliance of Michigan is a group of employers who share strategies for improving the coverage of their membership. In this interview, Tony Hagen, senior editor for The Center for Biosimilars®, interviews Bret Jackson, president of the group, about recent achievements and how these were accomplished.

Jackson notes the importance of payer collaboration and enthusiasm for biosimilars. He also states that a key to the success so far has been educating patients and providers about biosimilars.

Through a combination of these strategies and utilization management, employers have found that employees have made the conversion to biosimilars successfully, achieving, in some cases, standout savings, and easing financial toxicity for patients, Jackson says.