Manfred Welslau, MD: The Importance of Real-World Data for Biosimilars

Manfred Welslau, MD, Onkologie Aschaffenburg, Germany, discusses the rationale for gathering real-world evidence on biosimilar rituximab.


There are a lot of concerns [among] my colleagues treating patients with biosimilar rituximab, and so we decided to do a study in [diffuse large B-cell] lymphoma (DLBCL) because, in this population group, the concerns are very high because this is a curative therapy. We got the data from follicular lymphoma in the pivotal study with Sandoz’s biosimilar rituximab, but we didn't have any data in DLBCL, so we decided to do this study to get data in this population and to make sure that biosimilars are as effective [as] the originals.