Mark Cziraky, PharmD, CLS: Challenges in the US Biosimilars Market

Mark Cziraky, PharmD, CLS, vice president of research for Healthcore, describes challenges in the US biosimilars market.


Well I think one of the biggest challenges is the level of—the number of biosimilars that are being approved in the market. I mean, we’re seeing 10 now [approved] to date* and we’re going to see another 10 hopefully this year; a total of 20. But comparable to Europe, there’s 41 now approved ex-US, so we have a lot of room to catch up. In addition to that, the actual marketing of the products is a lot slower than was anticipated, so, with those that are already approved, only 3 are currently available on the market. So, the amount of market penetration, the amount of cost reduction that we’re able to see currently with those therapies is quite limited.

*as of the date of filming.