Nicholas Robert, MD: Oncologists' Comfort Level With Biosimilars

Nicholas Robert, MD, medical director of data, evidence and insights at McKesson Life Sciences, discusses how comfortable oncologists are with using biosimilars.


So in terms of adoption, anything new faces some resistance. It depends on the impact. In conversation with my physician colleagues, supportive care is less of a hill to climb over, so to speak. When you start replacing drugs that have impact on therapeutic outcomes, physicians are cautious. I think people will be cautious. But I think the data to date certainly supports that there is certainly reason to adopt biosimilars in the therapeutic realm, so I suspect it’s going to happen. To be frank, there is an economic piece as well. If it’s a more attractive option, I think everyone is aware about the cost of healthcare, and certainly people think that biosimilars are one way to attack that problem. And I think, frankly, everyone involved is onboard to reduce healthcare costs.