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Noelle Sunstrom and the Potential Growth for NeuClone


Noelle Sunstrom, CEO and founder of NeuClone, of Redfern, Australia, discusses the company's future US market prospects and its plans to differentiate from other biosimilar developers.

Looking through its robust pipeline of biosimilars, it’s no surprise that Redfern, Australia-based company NeuClone is on its way to becoming a significant player in the biosimilar industry. To date, the company has disclosed information on 6 of its products, 2 of which are being tested in phase 1 clinical trials and an additional 14 are in earlier-stage development. Although market launches may still be years away, NeuClone is definitely gearing up to show the world what it's made of. We spoke with Noelle Sunstrom, CEO and founder of NeuClone, to discuss the company’s outlook on coming to the US market and how it plans to distinguish itself from the competition.

To learn more about NeuCone, visit neuclone.com.

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