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"Not So Different" Episode 4: Creating a Vibrant Biosimilars Marketplace


“We need all stakeholders to be all in on biosimilars…now’s the time for people to get engaged and get out there to support uptake and access,” says our guest, Juliana Reed, president of Biosimilars Forum.

Last week on the podcast, we brought you an industry perspective on biosimilars with a discussion of how manufacturers think about pricing their products for the marketplace. This week, we’re changing gears with a discussion of how that marketplace is working.

Our guest this week is Juliana Reed, president of Biosimilars Forum.

The Biosimilars Forum is a nonprofit organization that seeks to raise awareness of biosimilars and provide an opportunity for developers to work together with other stakeholders on relevant topics in the industry. The founding members of the Biosimilars Forum include many of the companies with significant US biosimilar development portfolios.

Reed joined The Center for Biosimilars® by phone to discuss reimbursement, policy, and what it takes to create a vibrant marketplace for cost-saving biosimilars.

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