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Not So Different: How Health Policies May Take Shape in a Post-Humira-Exclusive Adalimumab Market


On this podcast episode, The Center for Biosimilars spoke with Chronis Manolis from UPMC Health Plan to discuss how health care policies may shift as adalimumab biosimilars referencing Humira come to market in 2023, including how providers and payers can ensure equitable access.

On this week’s episode, we’re breaking down the possible impact that Humira biosimilars will have on health policies across the United States. Come 2023, the United States will welcome at least 7 biosimilars referencing Humira (adalimumab) to the market, catapulting the adalimumab market to the number 1 spot as the biosimilars space with the most competitive products referencing the same molecule. One of the biggest concerns regarding these launches is how providers, practices, and payers are going to adapt to ensure that patients have access to adalimumab biosimilars and that practices aren’t overwhelmed trying to keep up with multiple versions of the same product.

The Center for Biosimilars spoke with Chronis Manolis, senior vice president of pharmacy at UPMC Health Plan. He has a lot of experience working in the health plan space, especially regarding policy and relationships with pharmacy benefit managers, a rather contentious topic in present day biosimilar discussions. Manolis is also a proponent of the idea that providers and payers could work together to promote biosimilar use and has been keeping eye on the developing adalimumab space.

Show notes:

To learn more about the hype regarding adalimumab biosimilars in the US, click here.

To see which biosimilars have been approved by the FDA, click here.

To read more on PBMs and their influence on biosimilar uptake, click here.

To read Manolis’ 2016 paper, click here.

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