Seth Ginsberg: Trends in State-Level Legislation on Biosimilar Substitution

Seth Ginsberg, co-founder and president of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, discusses trends in state laws that address the eventual substitution of interchangeable biosimilars for reference biologics.


What are some trends in state-level legislation concerning substitution of biologics?

Transparency and safety are big themes at the state-level concerning substitution of biologics. We want physicians and patients to be aware of any changes or substitutions that occur. Ultimately, we believe that in order for biosimilar uptake to be successful, confidence needs to be established in the patient and physician communities. This can only happen through transparency. Thirty-six states and Puerto Rico* have passed patient-friendly legislation that, now by law ensures that a doctor and patient are informed of a substitution, and if for some reason a doctor doesn’t think it’s appropriate, they have the opportunity to prevent the substitution.

*As of the date of filming.