Seth Ginsberg: What Patients Need to Know About Biosimilars

Seth Ginsberg, co-founder and president of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, explains what patients should know about biosimilar therapies.


What are the most important things for patients to know about biosimilars?

For people with inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, or other chronic diseases that benefit from biologic medicines such as Crohn disease, psoriasis, [multiple sclerosis, MS], lupus, and others, biosimilars represent new treatment options simply because they are nearly identical to the originator biologic, but not exactly the same.

However, like with every medication, each patient will respond a little differently. Our advice is that patients with arthritis who are prescribed a biologic or biosimilar, track their response to treatment using our ArthritisPower research registry. Patients can download the free app and use it to enter their symptoms and treatment responses. They can also participate in arthritis research. It’s a great tool to understand how you are actually responding to a medicine (and other therapies) over time. Folks can learn more an download the app at