Sheila Frame: Biosimilars and Device Design

Sheila Frame, vice president and head of biopharmaceuticals, North America, at Sandoz, discusses the importance of device design for biosimilars.


I think device design is a super exciting area for innovation that biosimilars can actually bring to the marketplace, so especially for Sandoz, because we're part of a larger organization, we have access to some tremendous device technology that we can bring into the marketplace with already having had the experience, right? It's not like we have to start from scratch to create that innovation in terms of device, but we can actually benefit from all the innovation that's happened in the past from other manufacturers and bring that into our biologic products to make sure that patients get exactly what's easy.

I do think it's important. I think there's a big stigma associated with either sitting in an infusion chair for hours or sticking yourself with a needle every day. We see it in diabetes, right? You see it in arthritis now, and there's been some tremendous innovation in terms of those devices. So I think it's a pretty exciting area for us and certainly one that we're always looking for new and better ways to make it easier for patients to not only access their medication, pay for them, and also benefit from the innovations in terms of making it simple.

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