The Top 5 Biosimilars Articles for the Week of March 19

The Center for Biosimilars® recaps the top 5 biosimilars articles for the week of March 19, 2018.


Hi, I’m Samantha DiGrande for The Center for Biosimilars®, your resource for clinical, regulatory, business, and policy news in the rapidly changing world of biosimilars.

Here are the top 5 biosimilars articles for the week of March 19.

Number 5: In the latest episode of our podcast, “Not So Different,” Christine Simmon of the Biosimilars Council explains why her organization supports the CREATES Act.

Number 4: Celltrion has granted marketing rights for its trastuzumab in 7 European nations to Mundipharma.

Number 3: A recent study showed that patients with rheumatoid arthritis who use infliximab have a higher discontinuation rate due to disease remission than those patients who use other biologics.

Number 2: The FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research has launched its pilot effort to publicly release clinical study report data from pivotal clinical trials.

Number 1: An insurer is backing away from a plan to institute a nonmedical switch from brand-name Remicade to biosimilar Inflectra.

Finally, last week, our e-newsletter asked for your thoughts on which stakeholder group has the most influence on biosimilar acceptance.

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