The Top 5 Biosimilars Articles for the Week of March 2


The Center for Biosimilars® recaps the top stories for the week of March 2, 2020.

Hi, I’m Christina Mattina for The Center for Biosimilars®, your resource for clinical, regulatory, business, and policy news in the rapidly changing world of biosimilars.

Here are the top 5 biosimilars articles for the week of March 2, 2020.

Number 5: The outcome of 3 major biosimilar antitrust actions, as well as a related Federal Trade Commission investigation, could significantly change how biologics are priced, writes attorney Ron Lanton III in a contributor piece.

Number 4: Investigators have determined that assays used to evaluate circulating drug levels and antibody resistance for the Remicade version of infliximab are also appropriate for 2 infliximab biosimilars, SB2 and CT-P13.

Number 3: Biocon received a letter from the FDA related to an inspection at its insulin manufacturing plant in Malaysia, where the company will produce its insulin glargine product, referencing Sanofi’s Lantus.

Number 2: The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit allowed Walgreens and Kroger to continue pursuing a lawsuit accusing Johnson & Johnson of unlawfully restricting access to biosimilar infliximab while pressuring healthcare providers and payers to use its higher-priced originator product, Remicade.

Number 1: A case report for a patient with lichen planopilaris revealed significant hair regrowth when originator adalimumab was added to the patient’s hydroxychloroquine regimen.

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