The Top 5 Biosimilars Articles for the Week of November 25

The Center for Biosimilars® recaps the top stories for the week of November 25, 2019.


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Here are the top 5 biosimilars articles for the week of November 25, 2019.

Number 5: Could there be trouble ahead for Alexion? A Roche subsidiary has claimed that the drug maker infringed on its patent for a technology that extends the half-lives of antibodies.

Number 4: Studies of single-agent immune checkpoint inhibitors in ovarian cancer have shown limited activity, but combination therapy with bevacizumab may hold promise.

Number 3: Researchers report that an unfolding microneedle injector could be a feasible delivery device for biologic drugs like insulin.

Number 2: A new study from the Nordic region shows similar retention rates for patients who start treatment with reference or biosimilar infliximab or etanercept.

Number 1: Data presented during the European Society for Medical Oncology Asia Congress 2019, held last week in Singapore, support the biosimilarity of HLX02 and Herceptin.

Finally, last week, our e-newsletter asked whether you think that we will continue to see more relatively deep discounts on biosimilars’ list prices after Ziextenzo launched at a 37% discount.

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