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The Top 5 Most-Listened Podcasts of 2023


The top 5 most-listened podcast episodes of 2023 covered a range of topics including the US market introduction of adalimumab biosimilars, current market trends, the role of providers in boosting adoption rates, and more.

at-home podcast setup | Image credit: Alex from the Rock - stock.adobe.com

The top 5 most-listened Not So Different podcast episodes of 2023 covered a range of topics including the US market introduction of adalimumab biosimilars, current market trends, the role of providers in boosting adoption rates, and more.

Here are the most-listened podcasts of 2023.

5. How Community Oncologists Can Break Down Biosimilar Adoption Barriers

Despite the oncology space experiencing successful biosimilar uptake, challenges persist, including pharmacy benefit manager and payer formulary decisions, incentives favoring reference products, and high drug prices. In this episode, Mark Guyot, senior director of unity provider engagement at McKesson, discussed best practices for biosimilar implementation in community oncology practices. Drawing from his work on a real-world analysis at McKesson, he highlighted the impact of successful biosimilar adoption, leading to decreased care costs for patients and annual savings to Medicare exceeding $164 million, emphasizing the unique opportunity for community oncology practices to drive biosimilar adoption and patient savings.

Listen to the full episode.

4. Adalimumab Biosimilars Take Center Stage: A Game Changer for IBD Treatment

In July 2023, the US biosimilar industry witnessed a significant moment with the launch of 8 adalimumab biosimilars, making it the month with the highest number of biosimilar options and establishing adalimumab as the drug class with the most alternatives. These biosimilars, referencing Humira, a widely used drug with 11 indications, offer substantial savings, particularly for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In this episode, Laura Wingate, executive vice president at the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, discussed the transformative impact on the gastrointestinal space, emphasizing the need for education resources to address misconceptions and enhance awareness among patients and providers.

Listen to the full episode.

3. Pipelines and Preparation: How the US Can Prepare for More RA Biosimilars

In 2023, the United States witnessed the introduction of biosimilars referencing Humira (adalimumab) and Stelara (ustekinumab). Despite the abundance of choices, challenges in storage, education, and payer adoption emerged. In this episode, Robert Zutaut, RPh, Clinical Specialist with McKesson Provider Solutions, explored actions clinicians could take to prepare for the influx of RA biosimilars, emphasizing the need for readiness amid market changes.

Listen to the full episode.

2. On the Come Up: What Vizient’s Report Says About Inflation and Biosimilars

Vizient's Winter 2023 Pharmacy Market Outlook Report explored biosimilar market trends, discussing the impact of inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic on biosimilar utilization and overall drug prices. The report anticipated the launch of over 8 biosimilars referencing Humira in the US in 2023 and addressed how payer preferences and white bagging policies may influence their adoption. Carina Dolan, senior director for clinical oncology and pharmaceutical outcomes at Vizient, shared insights on these topics in a podcast episode, drawing from her background as a clinical pharmacist and discussing opportunities and challenges for oncology biosimilars.

Listen to the full episode.

1. What AmerisourceBergen's Report Reveals About Payers, Biosimilar Pricing Trends

At Asembia 2023, Tasmina Hydery, associate director of digital solutions at AmerisourceBergen, discussed the future of the biosimilars industry and payer responses to new biosimilar products in the United States. She shared insights from AmerisourceBergen's report, focusing on how payers incorporate biosimilars into formularies, their perspectives on interchangeability, and their use of prior authorization and step therapy strategies to promote preferred products. In the present episode, Hydery, joined by Brian Biehn, senior director of biosimilar commercialization at AmerisourceBergen, further explored these topics and discussed pricing trends in the biosimilars space.

Listen to the full episode.

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