Deana Ferreri, PhD

A Guide to Biosimilars for Retinal Diseases

September 24, 2022

In a review article discussing the role of biosimilars in neovascular retinal diseases, the authors concluded that biologics have significantly improved patient outcomes, noting that vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitors are now considered first-line treatments.

Upcoming WHO Guideline Changes May Reduce Data Requirements for Biosimilar Development

September 03, 2022

In advance of the World Health Organization (WHO) updating its guidelines for biosimilar development, a review article concluded that comparative clinical efficacy and safety studies may not be helpful for the evaluation of biosimilars.

The Future of Anti-inflammatory Biosimilars

August 27, 2022

A review article chronicled the emergence of anti-inflammatory biosimilars in the United States and European Union and made predictions for where the market is headed, especially as etanercept and adalimumab biosimilars gain more prominence.

Biosimilar Infliximab Deemed Safe, Effective in Pediatric Patients With IBD

August 22, 2022

Researchers found that an infliximab biosimilar was as safe and effective as the reference product (Remicade) in pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease. However, more studies on adalimumab biosimilars in pediatric patients are needed.

Real-World Study Produces Positive Data on CT-P13 in North American Patients With IBD

July 16, 2022

A real-world study on Pfizer and Celltrion Healthcare’s infliximab biosimilar (infliximab-dyyb, Inflectra; CT-P13) demonstrated positive clinical and patient-reported outcomes in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in the United States and Canada.

Survey: Most Patients Received Inadequate Information About Switching to a Trastuzumab Biosimilar

July 09, 2022

A survey study found that many patients with breast cancer reported receiving inadequate information regarding switching from Herceptin to a trastuzumab biosimilar, with some patients reporting that they were never told a switch occurred or what a biosimilar was.

Henlius’ Pertuzumab Biosimilar Shows Similar PK Profile to Reference Product in First Human Study

July 02, 2022

In the first human study of Shanghai Henlius Biotech's pertuzumab biosimilar candidate (HLX11), investigators found similar pharmacokinetic (PK), safety, and immunogenicity profiles between the biosimilar and the reference product (Perjeta).