Dr Bruce A. Feinberg: Biosimilar Labeling and Extrapolation

Bruce A. Feinberg, DO, CMO, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, discusses biosimilar labeling and concerns with extrapolation.


What are some considerations in the labeling of biosimilars?

The biggest consideration in biosimilar labeling is the fact of extrapolation. Extrapolation relates to the fact that a biosimilar that may have a half-dozen specific disease indications, will likely only be clinically tested in 1 of those indications. If it is proven to be equivalent by all the different measures the FDA is using, then the FDA appears to be granting, by extrapolation, the expanded label to all indications. So, there is a big difference from a branded drug, which had to have clinical trials in each of the 6, to a biosimilar which is only going to have a clinical trial done in 1 of the 6.