Dr Jeff Patton: Biosimilars and OCM

Jeff Patton, MD, president and CEO of Tennessee Oncology, discusses how biosimilars fit into the Oncology Care Model (OCM).


Do you see biosimilars having a role to play in [the Oncology Care Model, OCM]?

I do, and I don’t think we know yet how much cost savings will be involved with biosimilars, but we know it will be some. I think it will start around 15% and go up to 30%, maybe more. I think that the experience in Europe is 30%, 50% is high. The biosimilars are in a space that- so Genentech is biosimilars and is going to be impacted by biosimilars, so about a third of our spend is Genentech products, so if you reduce a third of your spend even by 10%, 15%, 20%, it’s a big number. So, we see biosimilars being very key to saving in OCM.