Not So Different: How Biosimilar Companies Are Stepping Up Their Game to Compete Against Originators

Kirollos Hanna, PharmD, from the University of Minnesota Medical Center, discusses some of the tactics that biosimilar companies are employing in order to level the playing field and better compete against originator companies.

Despite some biosimilars, including those for filgrastim, trastuzumab, and bevacizumab, achieving a greater US market share than their originators, other biosimilar categories, such as pegfilgrastim and infliximab, are still trailing behind. Some biosimilar companies are becoming more savvy, developing new ways to make a bigger statement in the market.

We sat down with Kirollos Hanna, PharmD, the manager of Oncology Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, an associate editor for the Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology, and an assistant professor at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, to discuss what tactics biosimilar companies are using to better compete alongside originator manufacturers.