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Insights from Festival of Biologics: Dracey Poore Discusses Cardinal Health’s 2024 Biosimilar Report


The discussion highlights key emerging trends from the Festival of Biologics conference and the annual Cardinal Health Biosimilars Report, including the importance of sustainability in the health care landscape and the challenges and successes in biosimilar adoption and affordability.

Welcome to another insightful episode of Not So Different: a Podcast from The Center for Biosimilars. In this episode, we bring you detailed coverage of the trends, challenges, and insights gathered from the Festival of Biologics USA.

Your host, Skylar Jeremias, assistant managing editor of The Center for Biosimilars®, and guest Dracey Poore, director of biosimilars at Cardinal Health, delve into the crucial themes that emerged from the conference discussions, mainly, the essential role of sustainability in the biosimilar industry. You'll hear about the forward thinking vision of the biopharmaceutical sector, as they maneuver through the evolving biosimilar landscape in their quest to make critical medications accessible to patients.

The conversation travels deeper into the biosimilar ecosystem as Poore explains the effect of significant challenges obstructing the widespread adoption and affordability of biosimilars.

With insights from the richly detailed Cardinal Health Biosimilar Report, Jeremias and Poore guide you through the evolving prescriber trends and insights that influence biosimilar adoption alongside constructive strategies to overcome these hurdles. This episode sheds light on the importance of ongoing education, dismantling access barriers and promoting a competitive biosimilar market for a better health care landscape.

Show Notes

To read our coverage of the Cardinal Health report, click here.

To read the full report, click here.

To check out The Center for Biosimilars coverage of Festival of Biologics USA, click here.

Time Stamps

00:01:02: Recap of Festival of Biologics

00:03:48: Discussion on Cardinal Health Biosimilar Report and challenges to biosimilar adoption

00:04:48: Best practices for managing biosimilar inventories

00:08:05: Legislative efforts impacting the biosimilar landscape

00:10:38: Impact of payer preferences for reference products over biosimilars

00:13:36: Concluding thoughts on the future of biosimilars

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