Not So Different: Tactics for Increasing Patient and Provider Confidence in Biosimilars

Kirollos Hanna, PharmD, from the University of Minnesota Medical Center, explains how his practice has worked to inform patients and providers about biosimilars and improve their confidence in the utilization of biosimilars.

In the United States, biosimilars can cause some concerns for patients and physicians who may not be fully versed in what biosimilars are. Because biosimilars are not the same as generic drugs, differ slightly from their originator products, and are often used in complex disease states like rheumatology, oncology, and ophthalmology, providers and patients may have the impression that biosimilars are less effective and safe than originators. Education is often seen as a pivotal tool in building confidence in biosimilars, as it can dispel myths and provide real-world information on the history and use of these products.

We sat down with Kirollos Hanna, PharmD, the manager of Oncology Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, to discuss how he has worked to build patient and physician confidence in biosimilars and what strategies worked best for his practice. Hanna is also an associate editor for the Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology and an assistant professor at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine.

To listen to part 1 of this podcast, click here.

To listen to part 2 of this podcast, click here.

To learn more about building patient confidence in biosimilars, click here.

To learn more about how education can improve patient confidence, click here.

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