Wayne Winegarden, PhD: Why Competition Is Urgently Needed for Enbrel, Humira

Etanercept and adalimumab biosimilar competition is not only necessary to drive down prices, it’s long overdue, according to Wayne Winegarden, PhD, a senior fellow in business and economics at Pacific Research Institute.

The Center for Biosimilars® interviewed Wayne Winegarden, PhD, senior fellow in business and economics at Pacific Research Institute (PRI) and director of PRI’s Center for Medical Economics and Innovation.

Winegarden said that because of the high costs associated with Humira (reference adalimumab) and Enbrel (reference etanercept), biosimilars of these agents are needed to establish a competitive marketplace and to drive down costs. He said the long exclusivity periods that the makers of Humira and Enbrel have secured must end to allow greater affordability; both drugs are widely utilized in clinical practice.

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