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Webinar: Where Do Biosimilars Fit Into the Cancer Treatment Puzzle?


In partnership with The Center for Biosimilars®, the International Generic and Biosimilar Association hosted a live webinar, where panelists gathered from around the globe to discuss benefits as well as major barriers and accessibility challenges associated with oncology biosimilars worldwide.

The incidence of cancer is expected to increase to 30 million patients worldwide by 2040. However, the introduction of biosimilar medicines, both as treatment and supporting therapy for cancer patients, has created a significant opportunity to make cancer care more accessible, thereby improving patient outcomes and reducing the health care burden globally.

Everyone across the world involved in the fight against cancer—including patients, health care workers, policymakers, and governments—was invited to take part in IGBA’s Global Biosimilars Week 2023 webinar. During the event, discussions focused on how all stakeholders could collaborate to expand global cancer care, with a special emphasis on the role of policies related to biosimilar medicines.

IGBA’s fourth annual Global Biosimilars Week (GBW) is taking place from November 13-17, 2023. The mission of this online, social media–focused campaign was to raise awareness of the powerful and life-changing impact of biosimilar medicines. The theme this year is "Making Cancer Care More Accessible to Patients and Healthcare Systems."

The Center for Biosimilars® is a proud media partner for GBW and collaborated with IGBA to host this webinar.


  • André Ilbawi, cancer control officer, World Health Organization
  • Marjorie Morrison, director of policy and advocacy, Lymphoma Coalition
  • Emma Foreman, consultant pharmacist at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and member of the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP), United Kingdom
  • Julie Marechal-Jamil, member of the Biosimilar Medicines Committee, IGBA

Moderator: Skylar Jeremias, senior editor at The Center for Biosimilars

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