Lindsey Mulrooney

Gillian Woollett Speaks on Where Biosimilar Conversations Need to Go Moving Forward

June 26, 2022

Although a lot of discussion regarding biosimilars has focussed on patient access, we need to divert more attention to the reliability of companies making biosimilar products, said Gillian Woollett, MA, DPhil, vice president and head of regulatory strategy and policy at Samsung Bioepis.

How Will Payers Manage Multiple Adalimumab Biosimilars? Jeffrey Casberg Explains

June 22, 2022

Jeffrey Casberg, vice president of pharmacy at IPD Analytics, discussed the different options that payers have to manage the growing number of biosimilars referencing Humira (adalimumab) that are expected to enter the market in 2023 and beyond.

Julie Reed: Biosimilar Policies Legislators Should Be Prioritizing

June 19, 2022

The Biden administration must follow through on its promises, and Congressional leaders must do more to push through bipartisan biosimilar policies to encourage better adoption and lower drug costs, according to Julie M. Reed, the executive director of the Biosimilars Forum.