Eye on Pharma: STADA and Xbrane Expand Their Biosimilar Collaboration

The 2 companies say that they will focus on biosimilars of originator products that will face patent expiry in 2025 to 2030.
The Center for Biosimilars Staff
June 11, 2019
STADA and Xbrane Biopharma recently announced that they have expanded their biosimilar collaboration to evaluate potential collaboration on additional products.

The 2 companies say that they will focus on biosimilars of originator products that will face patent expiry in 2025 to 2030. Two programs have been identified as targets of the collaboration: a certolizumab pegol product referencing Cimzia, and a nivolumab product referencing Opdivo. Both of these proposed products are in preclinical development.

For these 2 products, up to the time of the initiation of clinical trials, the companies will evaluate and negotiate potential development and commercialization agreement. During this period, Xbrane has given STADA a right of first refusal to license the 2 products in Europe.

The companies also plan to evaluate potential collaborations on additional biosimilars in the future.

Currently, the 2 drug makers have entered into a development agreement for a ranibizumab biosimilar referencing Lucentis. Under the terms of the agreement, both companies will contribute equally to development expenses, and will share the profits from commercialization in an even split.

STADA last year announced its intention to increase its presence in biosimilars by becoming the majority shareholder in another company, Bioceuticals, which is responsible for the production of erythropoietin. Previously, the company issued sales licenses to third parties such as Stadapharma, a subsidiary of STADA, for the marketing of the biosimilar epoetin zeta (sold in the European Union under brand name Silapo).

The epoetin biosimilar is also sold under an agreement between STADA and Hospira, a Pfizer subsidiary, under the brand name Retacrit.



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