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DDW 2024 Posters Evaluate Safety, Efficacy, Impact of BMI on Zymfentra Use

May 21st 2024

Posters from Digestive Disease Week (DDW) on the ongoing LIBERTY-CD trial assessing Zymfentra, a subcutaneous infliximab product, compared with intravenous infliximab treatment in Crohn disease show the safety and efficacy of the product, as well as the impact of body mass index (BMI) on clinical outcomes.

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BioRationality: FDA Pridefully Declares 50th Biosimilar Approval

May 20th 2024

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Partnering for Biosimilar Security: India's Role in US Health Care Savings, Supply Chain Stability

May 9th 2024

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The Totality of Evidence Supporting the Approval of Adalimumab Biosimilar GP2017

April 27th 2024

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BioRationality: President Biden’s 2025 Budget and Removing Biosimilar Interchangeability

April 1st 2024

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