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BioRationality: President Biden’s 2025 Budget and Removing Biosimilar Interchangeability

April 1st 2024

Sarfaraz K. Niazi, PhD, outlines how President Joe Biden's new budget for 2025 could impact biosimilars, including provisions to clear up confusion surrounding interchangeable products.

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The Role of Biosimilars: Advancing Access, Financial Health, and System Sustainability

March 11th 2024

Elder Asian woman with eye care treatment | Image Credit: Chinnapong -
QL1207 Biosimilar Shows Equivalent Efficacy, Safety to Aflibercept in Treating nAMD

March 5th 2024

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BioRationality: EMA Announces Readiness to Waive Comparative Efficacy Studies of Biosimilars

March 4th 2024

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Celltrion, Samsung Bioepis Unveil New Biosimilar Data in CD, UC at ECCO 2024

February 23rd 2024

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