A recent study found that rituximab maintenance therapy provides no additional benefit for patients with diffuse large B‐cell lymphoma (DLBCL) who are in complete remission after receiving rituximab plus cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone (R-CHOP) chemotherapy.
This week, researchers reported updated results from a post hoc subgroup analysis from the adjuvant period of treatment in the biosimilar’s phase 3 trial; these results, say the authors, demonstrate that the biosimilar, used in the adjuvant setting, has comparable efficacy and safety to the reference at 1 year.
In a one-page order filed last week, a panel of judges for the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit denied Genentech’s motion for an injunction that would have blocked Amgen from selling its biosimilar bevacizumab, Mvasi, pending the outcome of an appeal.
This week, a pair of papers detailing the clinical program for the biosimilar appeared in Pharmacology Research and Perspectives.
A recent article described a quality improvement project at the oncology specialty pharmacy unit within the University of Chicago Medicine.
OneOncology, a national partnership of community oncology practices, says that its partner practices have begun treating patients with 2 anticancer biosimilars: Kanjinti, a trastuzumab biosimilar referencing Herceptin, and Mvasi, a bevacizumab biosimilar referencing Avastin.
The fact sheet is being released as Canada awaits the launch of additional anticancer biosimilars.
Mylan and Biocon announced this week that they have launched their biosimilar trastuzumab, Ogivri, in Australia. Ogivri, referencing Herceptin, is the first trastuzumab biosimilar to launch in the Australian marketplace and is listed on the nation’s Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme.
JCR Pharmaceuticals, together with partner Kissei Pharmaceutical, is currently developing a darbepoetin alfa biosimilar, JR-131, referencing Aranesp. Darbepoetin alfa is used to treat anemia caused by chronic kidney disease or by chemotherapy.
Among the data that supported the biosimilar’s approval was a phase 3 study in patients with advanced nonsquamous non–small cell lung cancer. This week, researchers published detailed findings from that study.

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